Hirsch Mariner

Hirsch Mariner

45 EUR


Textured leather


A bracelet of timeless, sporty character that stands out with its suppleness.


  • Saddle leather barrel-dyed to the fibre
  • The velvety soft surface is coated with wax
  • The natural quality of the material causes the bracelet to develop its attractive patina
  • HIRSCH Diving Glove lining leather


  • HIRSCH 100m Water-Resistant
  • Distinct, rectangular padding
  • Contrasting, sports-style backstitched seam
  • Sporty stainless steel buckle in HIRSCH Active Design

The leather bracelet that you can take diving.

You can safely take the models of the HIRSCH 100 m Water-Resistant series into the water with you – they will not lose colour, shape, suppleness or their good looks! While the bracelets become moist they still absorb much less water and dry much more quickly than bracelets made from traditionally tanned leather thanks to the waterrepellent (hydrophobic) tanning in combination with the HIRSCH Rembordé technique.