Tapered Solid Mesh By Geckota

Tapered Solid Mesh By Geckota

68 EUR

It features a high quality fold over clasp with safety buckle mechanism. Designed and constructed from solid links, with polished centre links webbed together creating a solid mesh structure making the watch strap very comfortable to wear as well as looking great!

The side ends of the watch straps have been mirror polished to make a premium looking metal mesh watch strap. The strap also tapers by 2mm from the watch end to the buckle end creating a slim fitting when wearing the watch bracelet.

We have used high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel, for greater resistance to corrosion (beware of cheap imitations). Professionally made with attention to detail that won't disappoint you. The buckle is stamped 'Geckota' on the underside for your reassurance of quality.

The strap has 8 removable links each measuring 8mm in length, and 3 micro adjustment holes on the buckle, which makes the minimum adjusted length of this strap 105mm. The removable links are fastened with split pins.

The Tapered Solid Mesh is fitted with straight end pieces for a better compatibility with your watch.

Lengths: 105mm min / 175mm max
Thickness: 3.5mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Material Type: 316L Grade
Material Finish: Polished / Brushed
Material Colour: Silver

Buckle Type: Fold-over with Safety
Buckle Material: Stainless Steel
Buckle Finish: Brushed

Special Features: Adjustable

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