ZULUDIVER 2 Piece Nato Horween Leather / Dark Brown

ZULUDIVER 2 Piece Nato Horween Leather / Dark Brown

34 EUR

Geckota presents the new and improved ZULUDIVER 2 Piece NATO. High quality genuine Horween leather NATO watch strap by ZULUDIVER.

Chicago's Horween Leather Company has set the standard for the highest quality leathers since 1905. Just like us, they pay attention to the detail, the little things that really matter, and doing lots of little things right.

Also like us, they believe in skillfully combining old with new – in Horween's case, 'traditional, old world tannages and techniques, carefully updated with modern applications.'

We've worked to meet the customers' demands, and based on our customers' feedback, we've improved the ZULUDIVER 2 Piece NATO. It now has two fixed keepers and the lining has a much smoother touch.

What we haven't changed was its high quality premium leather and gorgeous vintage look.

Lengths: 120 / 75mm
Thickness: 2.8mm
Material: Genuine Leather
Material Type: Vintage
Material Finish: Natural Leather Grain
Edge Finish: Cut and sealed edges
Padding Style: Flat
Lining Material: Genuine Leather
Stitching Colour: Beige

Buckle Type: Buckle
Buckle Material: Stainless Steel
Buckle Finish: Brushed
Buckle Tongue Width: 3mm

Special Features: Genuine Leather