ZULUDIVER Swiss Style Premium Nato Strap Black

ZULUDIVER Swiss Style Premium Nato Strap Black

32 EUR

ZULUDIVER 178 Swiss-style Premium NATO strap

Our tried and tested Swiss-style premium design combines proven NATO nylon material and upgraded stainless steel hardware for enhanced looks and wearability.

This Swiss-style NATO also has a slightly different design to our standard strap: specifically, the first stainless steel keeper is movable to help you secure the strap tail exactly as you want it.

It's a versatile strap in the best tradition of a design that has its origins during WW2 and was formalised by British Ministry of Defence Standard (DefStan) 66-15 in 1973. When you invest (for a fraction of the price of a similar strap from a certain Swiss Luxury brand) in one or more of our Swiss-style NATOs you get a strap that's simultaneously durable, easily changeable, strong and often used during sporting activities.

The time-tested design (with its double layer of material passing through your watch's lugs) ensures added security for your watch if a spring bar should 'pop out' during vigorous activity.

As with all our NATOs, this example of the classic military watch strap has been carefully crafted with sturdy stitched joints for a long service life. Whether you buy one, two or three NATO bands to complement favourite watches, these straps are a great investment for any watch fan - and give you the opportunity to 'dress down' a watch when the standard leather strap or metal bracelet isn't appropriate.

Length: 330mm
Thickness: 1.1mm
Material: Nylon
Material Type: Woven
Material Finish: Nylon Fabric
Edge Finish: Cut edge
Padding Style: None
Material Colour: Black
Stitching Colour: Black

Buckle Type: Buckle
Buckle Material: Stainless Steel
Buckle Tongue Width: 2mm

Special Features: Quick Drying Nylon