Zuludiver Desert Sand Nato / Satin hardware
Zuludiver Desert Sand Nato / Satin hardware
Zuludiver Desert Sand Nato / Satin hardware

Zuludiver Desert Sand Nato / Satin hardware

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Explore the versatile Desert Sand NATO Watch Strap

Are you ready to explore with our stylish, practical Desert Sand NATO strap? Whether you wear it into the office, take it into the hills at the weekend, or make it your go-to travel strap on vacation, this NATO is perfect to complement your favourite field or military-inspired watch. From a Seiko 5 Sports SNZG09K1 to a Hamilton Khaki Field or vintage Rolex Submariner, this tough, versatile nylon NATO continues the tradition started by the British Ministry of Defence with their seminal 1973 DefStan for military watch straps.

NATO watch straps have come a long way since the original Admiralty Grey 18mm 'G10' bands of decades ago. But one thing that hasn't changed is the ruggedness and versatility of NATOs. And the added security you get from having your watch attached to the strap independently at two points. If you should 'pop' a springbar, perhaps while swinging a rucksac onto your back, the second springbar should keep your strap and watch connected.

This is another classic NATO watch strap, in lovely desert-sand beige to give it a combat-ready military feel, or appealing neutrality in other day-to-day contexts. Compare the cut and sealed edges of our 1 mm-thick quick-drying nylon fabric with cheap alternatives. Then look at the quality stitching, high-quality stainless steel hardware and affordable price.

Where will your next adventure take you? Make sure to pack a NATO – how about one of these beauties?

Length: 300mm
Thickness: 1mm
Material: Nylon
Material Type: Fabric
Material Finish: Nylon Fabric
Edge Finish: Cut and sealed edges
Material Colour: Satin
Stitching Colour: Dark Beige

Buckle Type: Buckle
Buckle Material: Stainless Steel
Buckle Finish: Satin
Buckle Tongue Width: 1.8mm

Special Features: Quick Drying Nylon
Style: NATO