Boxy Fancy Brick Watch Winder Black

Boxy Fancy Brick Watch Winder Black

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Boxy Fancy Brick watchwinder is suitable for one watch. To store more watches, up to 12 Fancy Brick watchwinders may be combined. Even in the combined version only one adapter is needed to keep them moving.
  • Fancy design, color: Black
  • Interval motor with right, left or alternating mode
  • 650 to 3600 turns per day (TPD), individually programmable
  • Spacious anti-dust cover for watches with tall housings
  • Turnable universal watch cushion, suitable for heavy watches
  • Silent and long-lasting belt driving system, low in mechanical abrasion
  • Delivered without adapter

You may use our optional accessory to create a compact system consisting of up to 12 watchwinders. You may also create additional room for watch storage by using our Boxy Center drawers.

Item No.: 309397
Dimensions (H x W x D): 110x98x130mm
Weight: 0,650 kg
EAN: 4022739635113
Brand: Beco