MOD Nato Watch Strap by Phoenix /  Dark Grey
MOD Nato Watch Strap by Phoenix /  Dark Grey
MOD Nato Watch Strap by Phoenix /  Dark Grey

MOD Nato Watch Strap by Phoenix / Dark Grey

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MOD Nato Watch Strap by Phoenix
Rannekkeet täyttävät rakenteensa puolesta MoD 66-47 standardin ( Rannekkeessa ei ole ompeleita lainkaan, vaan liitokset on tehty hitsaamalla ja solki on valmistettu yhdestä metalliosasta. Rakenne on paracord-tyyppinen, ja päällysmateriaalin lisäksi rannekkeen sisällä kulkee vahvempi ydin. Löytyy myös NATO-tarvikenumerolla (NSN) 6645-99-124-2986.
Dark Grey
These are the original and best when it comes to NATO and military style watch straps. Designed and manufactured for the Ministry Of Defence these straps are original spec. They are 100% made in the UK and have been for the past 30 years.
MOD straps by Phoenix feature a fine and tight weave giving the strap a sharp look and feel. 
They also incorporate flatter edges at the tip of the strap along with the super neat hot press finishing as opposed to stitching. 
All buckles are laser engraved with Phoenix logo to ensure originality. The undersides are also engraved with the size of strap (width). Polished stainless steel hardware throughout.
The MOD straps tend to be slightly longer than the standard NATO straps allowing you to get the traditional "tucked back under" look that has become the norm with this type of watch strap.
The straps generally come in with the following dimensions:
- 288mm length 
- 22mm between buckle and first keeper 
- 68mm between 1st and 2nd keeper 
- Stainless steel buckles and clasp. 
- Available in sizes: 20mm & 22mm 
- Machine washable